How Julia Roberts Became An Icon Playing The Girl Next Door

Over the course of a career spanning 25 years and more than 35 films, Roberts has rarely strayed far from the onscreen persona that made her one of the biggest movie stars in history — that of a simple girl of limited means and unlimited heart, pulling herself up by her bootstraps.

On U2

It’s almost like they don’t live in the real world, like they think their crap doesn’t stink, like since their intentions are good, we can’t question their actions.

Richard Roberts And The Decline Of The Oral Roberts Dynasty

The fall of the first family of televangelism came swiftly.

Is This The End Of Britishness?

British nationalism — British identity, Britishness — has become an unconscious reflex rather than a deliberate political posture.

The Plus Size

Can full-figured clothing find a place in the high-fashion world?

China, The Climate And The Fate Of The Planet

If the world’s biggest polluter doesn’t radically reduce the amount of coal it burns within the next decade, nothing anyone does to stabilize the climate will matter. Inside the slow, frustrating and hopeful struggle to find a new way forward.

The History Of The Color Green

We live in colors. They fill our waking moments, they form a part of our every apprehension of the visible world, and they govern many of the choices we make about the ways we define or express ourselves. It’s rare, though, to see ourselves as constituted by the reds and greens in our lives, and we often pretend that such things involve nothing more than the paint on our walls or the inconsequential choice of a tie.

War Of Principles

How should a democracy decide when to compromise its ideals in pursuit of victory?

The Surreal Fine-Art Spectacle In Laguna Beach

Pageant of the Masters instills new life — literally — into classic art.

Living Simply In A Dumpster

One professor left his home for a 36-square-foot open-air box, and he is happier for it. How much does a person really need?

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