It's Adventure Time

The bizarre magic of the world’s greatest kid’s — is it for kids? — television show.

The Deadliest Wave

Those subtle moves of mere inches can mean the difference between a fatal blow and the rush of a lifetime.

The Heartbreaking Failure Of Haiti's Recovery

Mounds of rubble are still everywhere, only now they have eight-foot trees growing out of them. Remember all the grand plans for “building back better”? For remaking the dystopian sprawl of Port-au-Prince? Not happening.

Escape from Cuba

The shocking saga of Major League Baseball’s most controversial player.

The Most Important Photographer in America

Ryan McGinley is perhaps the most famous photographer in America. So why are we just learning his name?

To Get The Autographs Of Top World Leaders, You Need Commitment, Courage And Chutzpah

Randy Kaplan schmoozed Hamid Karzai’s security detail for his autograph and smooth-talked his way into then-president of Nigeria General Olusegun Obasanjo’s hotel room. He even mastered phonetic Russian well enough to convince Gorbachev’s bodyguards the baseball in his hand wasn’t a bomb.

The Great Dungeons & Dragons Panic Of The 1980s

In an era of potent concern over Internet pornography, cyber-bullying, and drugs, it is hard to imagine a game being controversial. But 30 years ago Dungeons & Dragons was the subject of a full-on moral panic.

I Was Arrested For Being A 12-Year-Old Cyberbully

A 12-year-old Florida girl leaps off a tower to her death. Two of her classmates are arrested, accused of sending cruel, harassing texts. Now, with the charges dropped, one of the accused talks about the case that turned into a national sensation.

The Full Kiss

Chuck Klosterman delivers the definitive, one-size-fits-all, accept-no-substitutes, massively comprehensive guide to the life and times of one of the most successful (and shameless) bands of all time.

The Paramedic Murderer Of Narrowsburg, NY

Paul Novak had numerous certified saves. And one kill. How a case of a mysterious death in this small town was finally solved.

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