The Real Cyborgs

Forget wearable tech. The pioneers of our “post-human” future are implanting technology in to their bodies and brains. Should we stop them or join them?

The True Cost Of YouTube's Library Of Everything

YouTube is less like the Library of Congress of Alexandria and more like a hoarder’s house where the plastic plates from the Labor Day barbecue are piled on top of the good china.

Inside The Ebola Wars

How genomics research can help contain the outbreak.

Harnessing Depression

Last November, my father took his own life. I’m frequently aware of the fact that the depression which helped drive him to that dark fate lives on in my genes. That’s a doozy of a legacy to inherit, but it’s one that has not been wholly negative for me.

Trading Dime Bags For Salvador Dali

The head of the cartel is called “El Elegante,” his rich-boy buddy styles himself “Indiana Jones.” One tried to corner the drug market, the other went after art.

The Making Of The World’s Most Effective Terrorist Brand

ISIS mixes new-media savvy with medieval savagery. It’s a diabolical marketing strategy that led us right back into war — and one that future terror groups will surely copycat. Or try to top.

Bias In The Box

For capital juries across America, race still plays a role in who gets to serve.

In The Eye Of The Storm In Ferguson

Amid the unrest that followed the shooting of Michael Brown, the Ferguson Burger Bar & More became a community safe haven, serving comfort food and facilitating conversation.

How A Lawyer, Mechanic And Engineer Blew Open The Worst Auto Scandal In History

Countless articles have been written about General Motors and its massive recalls earlier this year. What hasn’t been fully told is how GM might have gotten away with multiple counts of consumercidewere it not for the efforts of three men: a Georgia lawyer, a Mississippi mechanic, and a Florida engineer.

How Palmer Luckey Created Oculus Rift

The young visionary dreamed up a homemade headset that may transform everything from gaming to medical treatment to engineering — and beyond.

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