The Making Of 'Homer At The Bat,' The Episode That Conquered Prime Time 20 Years Ago Tonight

On Feb. 20, 1992, more American homes tuned into The Simpsons than they did The Cosby Show or the Winter Olympics from Albertville, France. A foul-mouthed cartoon on a fourth-place network bested the Huxtables and the world’s best amateur athletes. Fox over NBC and CBS — its first-ever victory in prime time. New over old.

Madame Claude And Her High-Profile Client List

In 1960s Paris she became known as the world’s most exclusive madam, whose client list was said to include John Kennedy, de Gaulle, Onassis, and multiple Rothschilds, and whose beautiful and cultivated girls often went on to marry wealth, power and prestige. But among the many secrets Madame Claude kept, perhaps the greatest were her own.

You Can't Quit Cold Turkey

What do you do when your appetite for food competes with your appetite for the game?

The Strange, Disturbing World Of Koko The Gorilla

What do talking apes really tell us?

Eugenie Bouchard Could Be Tennis’s Next Big Shot

After years grinding on the junior circuit, the 20-year-old is poised to be one of the sport’s next big stars. Now she just needs that breakthrough win.

Love And Death In South Carolina

More than 300 women have been shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten, bludgeoned or burned to death by men in South Carolina over the past decade, dying at a rate of one every 12 days while the state does little to stem the carnage from domestic abuse.

The World’s Weirdest Chef

Hervé This is leading a scientific revolution in gastronomy — but will his techniques catch on in the kitchen as well as in the laboratory?

Bill Nye Fights Back

How a mild-mannered children’s celebrity plans to save science in America — or go down swinging.

The Other Strange Tale Of Facebook’s Disputed Origins

Two contracts dispute whether 18-year-old Zuck sold half of his company to an accused scammer for $1,000.

This Is Where Your Childhood Memories Went

Your brain needs to forget in order to grow.

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